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Events at one faber group

The latest events. Find out all that's happening at One Faber Group.

Events at one faber group
The latest events. Find out all that's happening at One Faber Group.

NYE Arbora

Soak in the festive atmosphere with a garden escapade!

Enjoy quality bonding time with your family and reprieve from the bustling city on the last day of the year atop the hill!
Rejuvenate yourselves by escaping into the abundant greenery and fresh air to indulge in a celebratory feast.
Featuring our botanical-inspired signature items like Arbora Rojak and Chempedak pudding, the 4-course set makes up a hearty meal to bid farewell to the year.
Delicious dishes, breath-taking views, and the company of your loved ones - this is a dinner not to be missed!

  • Click here for New Year's Eve Arbora menu
  • NYE Dusk

    Celebrate with a glorious feast atop the mountain at Dusk!

    Deck out in your finest outfit for an exquisite al fresco experience atop the mountain to celebrate the end of 2020!
    Indulge in a symphony of seafood, before savouring the mouth-watering Wagyu beef meat that is best paired with a glass of red wine.
    Toast to the year and count your blessings against a splendid backdrop of vast skies with the company of your loved one.
    With awesome food and panoramic views, come join us in this memorable New Year’s Eve.

  • Click here for New Year's Eve Dusk menu
  • Christmas Roast

    Celebrate at home this festive season with our takeaway-exclusive Holly Jolly X’mas Roast menu.

    With the Family Pack that is perfect for 5 persons, indulge in a sumptuous meal adorned with a delightful mix of salad, roast beef, pasta and desserts!
    Ala carte roast meat options are also available! A cosy stay-in festive night with your loved ones deserves a gastronomic experience like no other.
    Freshly prepared and roasted right before collection, let the feasting begin!

  • Click here for Christmas Roast menu

  • Things to Note:
    • Orders are to be made by 18 Dec 2020
    • Guests are required to place their orders at least 5 days prior to their preferred date of collection
    • Collection is from Arbora only, either 12pm or 5pm